The Burial Archive

The Burial Archive is a body of work that exposes the inherent fragility of personal memory through analog photography and experimental photographic processes. 

With infrequent recollection, memories are subject to atrophy. With frequent recollection, they are subject to memory reconsolidation, a process by which memories are inevitably altered each time they are recalled, making our most significant memories potentially the least reliable, and the most vulnerable.

I shot a series of 35mm photographs of my hands holding photographs from my archive. I then buried a series of film negatives underground over the course of weeks. After unearthing them, I used the disintegrating negatives to create a series of silver gelatin prints, and one piece printed on found wood via image transfer.

This project was supported by CUE.

A selection of archival silver gelatin prints are available.

Burial Archive I / Silver Gelatin print from negatives buried underground / 2015

Burial Archive II / Silver Gelatin print from negatives buried underground / 2015

Process of Disintegration

/ Image transfer on found wood / 2014

© Heather Fulton, 2020
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