Too Close, Too Slow

Cyanotype on paper, 2021

The intention of this piece is to explore the trauma of lost time, or the experience of a particular type of “slow amnesia” — a forgetting that happens so gradually that its disappearance goes unnoticed. To suddenly lose something is to be confronted with it's stark absence. To lose something slowly is to be unsure - constantly wondering if it will ever come back, how you ever lost it, how you ever got comfortable with what has replaced it. 

This piece was exhibited online during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, as a part of Workman Arts' annual Being Scene exhibition.

A short film and interview was created by Lulu Wei and Michelle Hanitijo, and can be seen here.

A written interview by She Does The City can be read here.

© Heather Fulton, 2020
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